Hello Community!

Well I a UI development, so in my job want start a mobile web app development powered by Sencha touch. So i'm looking for a good collection of books to increase the options to learn and support the framework.

I found a good options searching in the forums, and searching in Amazon

But (always have a but) ... we want more options to evaluate the best options and buy it.

Can you help me? Also, The post will help to the new "senchars" to find a big library to learn, improve and explore the framework.

Thank you every one for help me! have a nice develop!


Sencha Touch in Action
Jess Garca and Anthony De Moss
MEAP Began: March 2011
Softbound print: Late Fall 2011 | 375 pages
ISBN: 9781617290374
URL: http://www.manning.com/garcia2/

Sencha Touch 1.0 Mobile Javascript Framework
Dr. Narasimha RaoJ
Packt Publishing Limited (August 31, 2011)
300 pages
ISBN: 1849515107
URL: http://www.amazon.com/Sencha-Touch-M...1960387&sr=8-7