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Thread: [INFOREQ] [1.2 Beta] Combo box / store assignment ....

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [INFOREQ] [1.2 Beta] Combo box / store assignment ....

    Created form panel.
    Created 5 TextFields in a FieldContainer
    Duplicated the FieldContainer.
    Transformed the TextFields into 5 combo boxes.
    Gave them all custom ids.
    Created 5 json stores, loaded data successfully.

    Saved project.
    I added stores to each combo box - not using the Component Config panel - but using the Add Store dropdown when you select each combo box in the design view.

    Interesting side note:
    Selecting one combo box, in the add store dropdown only 2 of the stores were available for selection, store 5 and store 3.
    Selecting another combo box, a different 2 stores were available, store 5 and store 2.

    Attempting to export the project raised this error message:
    Missing Store
    The following components are missing a store:

    I doubled checked in Design View add store drop down for each combo box, they all had stores selected against them.

    I switched to code view, but all my combo boxes have the new custom ids assigned to them and I could find no reference to any of these MyComboBox ids.

    I saved the project and restarted Ext Designer.
    Reloaded data to all the stores successfully.
    Attempted to export the project raised this new error message:
    Missing Store
    The following components are missing a store:

    I exported the code anyway and saw that my combo box with custom id 'cost centre' did indeed have no store assigned to it.

    Now back in Designer when I tried to select the combo boxes,or any other element, in the main Design View - the main viewport remains selected.
    I can still select elements in the right hand side Component navigator.

    I selected the combo box with the missing store in the Component Navigator and entered the store id.
    Saved the project and exported it successfully.

    This seemed to fix the Design View - I can now select any element.

    Looking back over this I thought this might be related to the way I created the combo boxes, transforming them from text fields.
    So I started a new project, much simpler layout, and followed the same steps ...
    • Created viewport
    • Created form panel
    • created a text field
    • transformed text field to combo box
    • created store and loaded data
    • added store to combo box via design view
    • saved and exported successfully first time!

    So I could not recreate this bug ... sorry

    See attached project file + data files for the stores.
    Data files should be saved to 'data' folder at the same level as 'app' folder.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP

    Good luck!

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    I am also not able to recreate. Let me know if you can so I can get to the bottom of this.
    Phil Strong

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