Hello, people.

I'm having a great time learning Sencha Touch but it seems to me that somethings should be simpler or are buggy. What I'm trying to do right now is add a Marker to show the current location on a Map.

I have a Viewport with a top Toolbar and a TabPanel, with a Map on the first card (tab) and I can get the current location without a problem. The problem I'm having is with the creation of the marker indicating where I am.

I've tried event listeners on both the map and it's parent container, but still can't get it to work. Maybe it's a scope problem?! Any help would be much appreciated...

    onReady: function() {
        var TopBar, Tabs, MapHome, Viewport, Homecard;
         *         HOME
        MapHome = new Ext.Map({
            title: 'Map',
            useCurrentLocation: true

        Homecard = new Ext.Panel({
            title: "home",
            iconCls: "home",
            items: [MapHome],
            listeners: {
                activate: function() {
                    var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
                        position: MapHome.map.center,
                        title : 'testing',
                        map: MapHome.map
         *         MAIN
        TopBar = new Ext.Toolbar({
            dock: 'top',
            xtype: "toolbar",
            title: "<img class='titleLogo' src='css/images/logo.png' />",
            items: [
                { xtype: 'spacer' },
                    iconCls: 'settings9',
                    iconMask: true,
                    text: 'options'
        Tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
            id: 'tabs',
            dock: 'bottom',
            flex: 1,
            tabBar: {
                dock: 'bottom',
                layout: {
                    pack: 'center'
            items: [ Homecard]

        Viewport = new Ext.Panel({
            layout:{type:'vbox',align: 'stretch'},
            items: [TopBar,Tabs],