Hello everyone. I'm trying to improve the performance of my Grid in IE7. I have anywhere from 150 rows to 250 when it first loads. I'm using the previewplugin feature to be able to show extra information for each row. It takes my page 46 secs to load in IE7 right now, 27 of which to just do the grid. I can't do any sort of server-side paging, as I'm doing things like client-side filtering, searching, and checking of various pieces of data to determine line-item status and overall status. The call to get all of the data, return it, and put it in a data store is relatively quick. It seems just the rendering of all the rows is the issue.

Has anyone else worked through these performance issues and come up with a good solution? My first idea is to use two Stores. One Store will have an Ajax proxy and make the call to get all of my data. The other Store will have a Memory proxy. The Memory Store (for short) will be attached to my Grid, and start empty. All of my searching, filtering, etc, will happen on the Ajax Store, which will load 25 records at a time into the Memory store. I just need to be able to load the next 25 as I scroll down the grid, and not re-render the rows that are already there.

This approach doesn't seem like a lot of work, as everything works now with the one store, but is just far to slow for IE7. Good idea? Bad idea?

Thanks for the help,