Why do you guys have two major branches of these frameworks?

Why not have EXTjs made intelligent enough to distinguish from a mobile device and a 'desktop' PC?

I've observed that Touch was developed with the MVC architecture before it was brought into ExtJs. Then after EXTjs was revamped, you started bringing the "new" elements (e.g. Charts) into Touch. I can easily foresee this yo-yo effect continuing as these frameworks continue to diverge.

So, my question remains... Why not have ExtJS perform everything that Touch has to offer on a mobile device? Why not consolidate these two into one. They are practically accomplishing the same results: delivering top-level user interfaces on different devices (regardless if mobile or desktop).

Looking forward, I can see more and more desktops becoming touch based interfaces. Windows 7 already supports this and I believe the Mac does too. As I currently understand ExtJS 4.x, it does not support Touch based desktops... So, you have to augment Touch to perform the job.