Couple issues on form fields

Fields only look good inside FormPanel. When I use fields individually outside of FormPanel, Text input is just plain white with a bottom border, same for checkbox, etc. You can hardly tell it's a input field.

Is there a way to get that traditional web page look? Even Android or iPhone's native input fields look more like the traditional input fields.

Radio field feels out of place compared to other field components. Mainly because its label is more like "Option label", then Field label.

In practice, when you have a field with many radio options, you want the field label displayed on the left with the rest of form, not option label.

In Kitchen Sink demo, Radio button is implemented in FieldSet, separate from the rest of the form. FieldSet title is used to display actual Field label. I think that proves my point on Radio being "out of place".

Also it would be nice if Radio shows a radio image, not a check.