Hi everyone,

I'm new to Sencha Touch and I am working on learning it and building a simple app, however I have hit a snag and as much as I search the web, I cannot find my answer...

I have a simple model...

Ext.regModel('MyModel', {
    fields: [
        'foo', 'bar', 'funk', 'time']
I then have a list I am trying to populate with some data from a webservice...

var store = new Ext.data.Store({
 			model: 'MyModel',
    		proxy: {
				type: 'ajax',
				url : 'http://localhost:8888/data/data.php',
				reader: {
					type: 'json',
					root: 'fundata'
			autoLoad: true
Just after this, I create a list to display this data...

var list = new Ext.List({
			fullscreen: true,
        	itemTpl : '<div>{foo} ({bar})</div>',
        	store: store
I am getting a list with the correct number of items in it, however, the "foo" and "bar" are both empty... I don't know whether the problem is in the store or the list... I have set up a .load instead of using autoload and I log the results to the console, however, I can't tell if the data is correct or not... Can anyone help me figure out what's going on here... any help would be appreciated!