i mean it is a plan to be a front-end dev,but not only a ExtJS dev.
here is the rough sketch of my plan ,hope someone can give me some suggestion.
  • (1.5M)two book:"DOM Scripting Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model","Professional JavaScript for Web Developers"
  • (1M).read the core code of ExtJS(which version?) like component.js container.js panel.js element.js ext.js.
  • (2M)restruct the js code of certain project(about 40,000 lines)
  • (2M)learn about CSS,CSS3 and HTML5
  • (1M)i have to do some work with php,but as a front-end dev,it's better to know what does server do in the other side.
i am totaly new in front-end development,so i have no idea about this plan,if you have any suggestion ,hope you can share with me .
at last,forgive my poor english