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Thread: Problem with a gridpanel not aligned when vertical scrollbar is shown

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    Question Problem with a gridpanel not aligned when vertical scrollbar is shown

    i'm using Extjs 4.0.1 for showing a gridpanel with some data imported from file.

    When the store render a lot of rows in the gridpanel and the vertical scrollbar is shown, the rows are not aligned with the header.

    I put a screenshot of the gridpanel in the attachment.

    There is a small margin in the left of the data rows and the vertical scrollbar has some margin at the bottom.

    If there are only few records and there is no vertical scrollbar, everything is aligned perfectly.

    Here is the code i use:
            extend: '',
            fields: importDestinatario.modelloSalvato
        importDestinatario.depositoSalvato = new{
            pageSize: importDestinatario.righePerPagina,
            model: 'importDestinatario.listaDestinatariSalvati',
            storeId: 'listaDestinatariSalvati',
            autoLoad: {start: 0, limit: importDestinatario.righePerPagina},
            remoteSort: true,
            proxy: {
                actionMethods: {
                    create: 'POST',
                    destroy: 'DELETE',
                    read: 'POST',
                    update: 'POST'
                type: 'ajax',
                url: 'mypage.php',
                reader: {
                    type: 'json',
                    root: 'destinatario',
                    totalProperty: 'totalCount'
        Ext.define('importDestinatario.grigliaDatiSalvati', {
            extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
            alias: 'widget.importDestinatario.grigliaDatiSalvati',
            title: 'Dati attualmente salvati',
            renderTo: 'form_import',
            width: 1200
        importDestinatario.griglia = Ext.create('importDestinatario.grigliaDestinatari', {
            store: importDestinatario.depositoSalvato,
            columns: importDestinatario.strutturaSalvato,
            height: 400
    Someone can help me?

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