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Thread: Setting the tab title for a pre-existing Component instance

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    Question Setting the tab title for a pre-existing Component instance

    Hello all,

    I wonder if anyone could point out what's wrong with this code. I have an existing Ext.Component instance that I want to add to a TabPanel, and I don't know how to set the title on it.

    I have seen a lot of conflicting information both on these forums and on the Internet in general. I am using the most recent downloadable version of Sencha Touch.

    Here is the code. It currently shows the new tab, but with a blank title. If I use either of the setText() calls, or try to call setTitle() in some way that I've seen on some other threads, the script halts execution.

    newPage is a Ext.Component instance (in fact, for this particular test, it's another TabPanel instance):

    var tab = tabPanel.add( newPage );
                //tab.setText( title );
                //newPage.setText( title );
                if ( show ) {
                    tabPanel.setActiveItem( newPageIdx );
    Does anyone know how I can successfully set and show the title?

    -Nathan Morse
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