Touch Charts 1.0.0 comes packaged with the Sencha Touch library.

I have noticed that the file sizes of sencha-touch.js and sencha-touch-debug.js are different between the latest releases of Sencha Touch and Sencha Charts.

So, this leads me to a couple of questions:
  1. When we use Charts, do we have to use the version of Sencha Touch that is distributed with Charts, or should Charts also be compatible with (at least) the version of Touch that is current at the time that version of Charts was released? This is important, as many of us have had to bug fix the library due to Sencha being behind on integrating bug fixes into the released code (see my post in the bug forum...). So, having to re-test all those bug fixes on the Charts library is a lot of extra work.
  2. How do we determine the precise version of a library? I would have expected, at least, some comments at the top of the sencha.touch.debug.js file, but there are not any.