Hi, Can someone point me in the right direction on how to use vtypes on grid columns? Below is a snippet of my grid using roweditor plugin. I tried using the allowNegative config, but it doesn't work. I need to ensure that data entered during the editing to be non-negative numeric numbers (integer or double). Do i need a custom vtype? If yes, how do i call for this field to use that vtype? Can someone help? Thanks in advance!
,{ xtype: 'numbercolumn',            
 text: "Total Price",             
dataIndex: 'totalprice',             
width: 70,            
 format: '$0,00',            
 hidden: false,             
sortable: true,            
 field: {                 
xtype: 'numberfield',                
 allowBlank: false,                
 allowNegative: false