I've done some job to add the RTL (Right to Left) support to the GXT 2.2.x.
First i want to thank bentins for his RTL support for GXT 2.1.1. He gave me a good start.

Currently supported browsers are FF 4/5, Chrome. IE9. Rest browsers were not tested. IE9 has some issues with the menu.

All the original themes supports RTL.

The source code and archives for download as well as additional information can be found here http://code.google.com/p/gxt-rtl/

Online demo which shows RTL support for explorer application: Exlorer RTL Demo
Online demo which shows RTL support for desktop application: Desktop RTL Demo

I hope with the community help we can achive stable RTL support for a gxt 2.2.x version.

One question to administration. What should be done to add the RTL support patches to the official GXT sources?