Dear all,

I'm new to Sencha and Ext.Js and I have probably a simple question concerning Ext.Panel Vertical scroll but I did not managed to find a relevant thread on that topic.

I'm currently developing a mapping application and I wish to access my layer list (which contains 60 layers) in a popup.
Here is the piece of code I used:
                            iconMask: true,
                            iconCls: "layers",
                            handler: function() {
                                if (!app.popup) {
                                    app.popup = new Ext.Panel({
                                        floating: true,
                                        modal: true,
                                        centered: true,
                                        hideOnMaskTap: true,
                                        width: 240,
                                        height: 300,
                                        items: [{
                                            xtype: 'app_layerlist',
                                            map: map,
                                        scroll: 'vertical',
The problem is that the popup window size is good but I cannot scroll to access the full content of my layer list. Here is a screenshot:

If I remove the parameter 'height: 300' then I have access to the full list but that exceed the screen size.

How can I keep the window size BUT scroll into it to get access to my complete layer list?

Thanks in advance for your appreciated help and support.