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Thread: How do I change the default disclosure icon

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    Default Answered: How do I change the default disclosure icon

    I would like to change the disclosure icon in the list to look more like the default iPhone disclosure icon. I've looked over the theming documentation and can't figure out how to do this.

    Looking at the existing default theme, it looks like the "right" way would be to give my theme a name, assign it to $theme_name, and put my icon in the right place and it will just work, but this does not appear to be the case (unless I am creating my theme incorrectly).

    Let's pretend I have a theme called "mytheme". I created a scss file called "mytheme.scss". I copied the contents of the apple.scss file, because I want it mostly based on that. At the top of the file, I added "$theme_name='mytheme'", and I created a directory "resources/themes/images/mytheme" and added a "disclosure.png" file there. No workie.

    So I big-hammered it and just created a css class .x-list-disclosure in my css and pointed it to the image I created. It showed my disclosure, but it was overlaid with the default.

    So could anyone please tell me the right way to do this? I'm going to be overriding quite a few of the default icons, and I would love to get it right.



  2. Try this:

        .x-list-disclosure {        width: 12px;
            height: 1.5em;
            margin: 0 0 0 .5em;
            -webkit-mask: none;
            -webkit-mask-box-image: url('');

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