I have an EditorGrid that constructed like this.
Basically it's a EditorGrid that have 2 columns, and have different editor field for each one.
First column is a string column and have a TextField as the editor, and second column is a boolean and have a CheckBox as the editor.
Now, the cells that have TextField behave as expected.
However, those which have CheckBox as the editor do not.
Clicking the cell will turn the cell into edit mode and showed the checkbox as expected, but clicking the checkbox will stop the editing and turn the cell back to view mode without toggling the boolean value.
I believe the expected behavior should be for the checkbox to be clickable, toggling the boolean value in the process.
A little debugging revealed that the click on the CheckBox is regarded as OnBlur, which I think should not be the case (please be aware of my minimum experience with GXT though).

Is this a bug? Is there any workaround?

Thanks before.