Hi guys,
after some time away from the forum I wanna share with you a new Sencha Touch component I developed in few hours. This will be released for free on github in a couple of days, I just need the time to fight with my flu and some component little bugs .
The component name is "EditableList" and it is an improvement of standard Ext.List component.
The component will be released with full .scss file to allow you to customize, icons and styles of the component.

However, by now, I don't want spend to much time talking about it, but I prefer to show you something, so I attach a demo movie of the component in action.
I will write soon again on this post when I will release the component and a working demo app on github.

As always, any feedback or suggestions is appreciated.

Update 26/08/2011:

Finally released the first beta version of the component (v.0.8.4).
You can download it from github at the url


The package contains three different examples to show you how the component works.
You can even see these examples live at these urls:

Single Delete
Multi Delete
Delete animations Picker

There are still some bugs and limitations to take care of, but I hope to fix them in the next days, in the meantime, I hope you will appreciate this beta version .

The component is well documentated with comments, however, I'm going to write a small tutorial on how to use it.

As always, any feedback is really appreciated

Update 26/08/2011:
Released v. 0.8.5 with important bugs fix.

Update 29/08/2011:
Rewriting a big part of code that will improve a lot, the component response and animations speed in case of list with a lot of elements on iOS and Android devices. I hope to release this new version this evening.

Update 04/09/2011:
Released v. 0.8.6.

Single Delete Mode

Multi Delete Mode

Delete Animations and itemEditTpl