I partnered with my brother-in-law (a pilot), and we just released an app for pilots of the EMB 145 jet. It's built on top of my flash card engine to help them learn the plane's limitations. Apparently this is a big deal for pilots. We're going to be adding more planes in the near future.

Check out EMB 145 Limitations on the android market:

There's also an EMB 145 Lite (Free) version:

My only complaint with Sencha Touch at the moment is the flicker that happens sometimes. You can see it in my app occasionally (okay, a lot) as you move to the previous/next question.

Other apps I created using Sencha Touch + PhoneGap:

.NET Interview Preparation

.NET Interview Prep Lite (Free):

None of my apps are in the apple app store yet, but they will be soon.

Dave Haynes