I would like to translate my ExtJS application in different languages. My issue is that I'm using ExtJS MVC framework, and most of my JS files are downloaded dynamically by the framework itself.
The ideal solution (that I thought of) would be to have an extra option in the Ext.Loader (or in my Ext.app.Application) that would define the language to use, and depending on this to automatically download such file as "a.MyClass.fr.js" after loading my "a.MyClass.js" (which would contain an Ext.apply, overriding my string resources). That's probably not available in the ExtJS framework at the moment.
The alternative solution I can see, is to perform a trick on the server-side. First, a cookie would be created on the client, to set to the language. On the server-side, I could catch all the requests to JS files, then if a cookie is set (='fr' for example), I'd combine the requested JS file (MyClass.js) with its i18n's friend (MyClass.fr.js) dynamically on the server and return the result. That would work, but it's really tricky because it implies other things (caching...).
Maybe the best way is to implement the first behavior I described in the ExtJS framework myself...
What do you think? I'm looking for a really clean and neat way of doing it! Thanks