I've been porting an ext-js2 application to ext-js4 (what fun it's been!).

I've managed most of it, but I've come a cropper on refreshing/reloading a tree node. We use trees for navigation, backed by a json treestore. Each node in the tree has a 'Refresh' option in its context menu. In version 2 this was a simple node.reload(); and how we loved it. However, that's gone away, for good reasons, I'm sure. My refreshHandler is setup in the 'itemcontextmenu' event, so:

PHP Code:

PHP Code:
function onContextMenu(viewrecorditemindexeventeOpts) { 
which ends up passing 'record' into the refreshHandler. From there, I can get at the store, so I followed the internet's advice and (where 'this' is 'record') called:

PHP Code:
     this.store.load({ nodethis } ); 
That greys out my tree and puts a 'Loading...' throbber on top of it. However, when I watch the network requests, I see no request being made, and the throbber never goes away.

I've done most of the app by myself but now, please, help!