Hello there,

I'm still a beginner when it comes to Ext JS so please have patience...

I'm looking for a component in Ext JS 4 that mimics the behavior of the Column View in Mac OS Finder. Do you know if there is such a component ? Or an extension or plugin ?

What I need is a component that allows me to navigate a hierarchical structure (for example a folders / files structure), but instead of doing it vertically (like on a tree panel), do it horizontally. Each column is a level on the hierarchy, and has all the elements of that level listed. When a user clicks on one of them, the next column is loaded with the elements for the following level, and so on. Each column should be resizable (horizontally) and should have a vertical scroll bar for when the number of elements in that level is higher than the space available to display them.

This is the main functionality I need. A "nice to have" (very nice to have indeed) would be a feature that, when the user clicked on an element that is a leaf and not a node of the hierarchy, could display on the next available column some data about the leaf (for example if it's a file, it could display file size, plus a thumbnail).

Does anyone know if there is such a component or plugin or extension ? Or can anyone point me in the right direction for building one myself ? Maybe create a panel with hbox layouts (but I can't resize each column, can I) ? Or maybe with border layout (so that each column is resizable horizontally) ?

Thank you,

Joao Maia