I want to select value from combobox drop down list using selectByValue method, but it gives me javascript error that this.view is undefined. It seems I am missing something. Following is the code snippet. Can you please check this.

var c = 	new Ext.form.ComboBox({
				id: 'Checktype',
				labelSeparator: '',
				labelWidth: 0,
				fieldLabel: '',
				hiddenName: 'typeOfCheck',
				emptyText: 'Select...',
				  new Ext.data.SimpleStore({
					fields: ['ChecktypeId','ChecktypeName'],
				displayField: 'ChecktypeName',
				valueField: 'ChecktypeId',
				mode: 'local',
				editable: true,				
				renderTo: 'ChecktypeCmb',
				triggerAction: 'all',
				forceSelection: true				
//selectng value that I want to show in list
			Ext.getCmp("Checktype").selectByValue('2', true);
The purpose of using this, is when I go to get value of combo then I should get value 2 not two. When I use setValue then it given me value two

Please let me know for any further clarifications

Thanks in advance