i customized the REST-Proxy-Example in http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-4.0.0/examples/restful/restful.html
for my own use by changing the session database to my own database ...or more correctly to one table of this database.
I mainly just changed the four functions in restful/remote/lib/session_db.php so that they would delete, insert, update the lines of one of my tables.

But what do i do if i want to get data from more than one table (not joinable, no link between data )? Like if i have several different stores, that have not much to do with each other... am i supposed to build yet another rest proxy?
I know there are model classes, that i could extend, but still there are just the 4 crud operations in session_db.php and nowhere to tell from which table the data comes ...

What is best practice?

Help would be appreciated a lot.