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For IE, has anyone tried the (IE proprietary) CollectGarbage method to see if it helps?
I just tried it with my test case: 5 columns, 30 records, reloading every 3 seconds, IE9.

~ 1 hour testing time increased memory from ~38000 KB to 63780 KB.

Then called CollectGarbage() on the console and it became 63144 KB. So, only ~600 KB off.

I call it several times more - no significant effect. Just a few bytes up and down.

So, I can say it doesn't help.

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We will update you on whether or not we can reproduce it and if there are DOM leaks going on. If there are not, it is possible that it is a browser JS issue.
Please note it is reproducible in Chrome, FireFox and IE. Unlikely it's a browser JS issue. Though anything is possible. In that case it would be great to report it to the browsers technical support.