I have a Ext.List with a template which includes an HTML input component (an HTML textfield), so every item in the list is an item description and a textbox to specify a number.

The itemtap listener is defined so when the user taps on any list item, the focus is set on its associated HTML textfield.

This is working fine but when the focus is set on that text component the keyboard is not displayed, so the user has to tap inside the text component to see the keyboard panel. How can I 'force' the device keyboard to be shown ?


var myList = new Ext.List({
 id: 'myList',
 store: 'myStore',
 scroll: 'vertical',
 itemTpl: '<div id="{code}" style="float:left;">' +
          '  <div>{name}</div>' +
          '</div>' +
          '<div id="pnl_{code}" style="float:right;"><input type="number" id="{code}" value="{amount}"/></div>',
 listeners: { itemtap: function(view, index, item, e)
                         var obj = document.getElementById('pnl_' + item.firstChild.firstChild.id).firstChild;

Thanks in advance