This is a repost from the premium forum, but I haven't heard anything from Sencha on the topic yet so I thought I'd try the community.

I've noticed an issue with Sencha Touch 1.1 that does not appear to be affecting releases before 1.1. The issue is that there is a flicker on iOS when tapping any edge of the viewport. It almost looks like a -webkit-tap-highlight-color issue but it's not. This can be seen on any site running Sencha Touch 1.1, including the Kitchen Sink site: Just pull it up on your iOS device (including iOS 5) or iOS Simulator and tap the inner edge of the viewport on the Kitchen Sink site and you'll see what I mean. Although, this does not show up on a desktop browser.

Is there any known fix for this? It makes having buttons in the header or footer feel a little glitchy when they're pressed.