(ExtJS 4.0.2a)

I'm using Ext.data.JsonP.request() to make a few cross-domain JSONP calls. For example:
  url: '/myUrl',
  success: function(...) { ... },
  failure: function(error) {... }
The problem is that Ext.data.JsonP seems to be hard-coded to always pass the string "error" to the failure() handler; there's no way to get the error message provided by the backend in the response.

The relevant code causing this 'hard-coded' error message can be seen here and here. In a nutshell, 1) handleError sets request.errorType = 'error', and 2) handleResponse executes the failure callback, passing in request.errorType as the parameter.

Can I request that this be modified to pass more information to the failure callback (e.g., the response object)?