Hi all,

I'm working on customizing a complex ASP.NET application. I have sucessfully rendered an ExtJS GridPanel into a div - that is working nicely. Unfortunately, anytime there's a partial postback, the smartpart html is wiped out, so the GridPanel rendered html is being lost. After the partial postback has finished, I can see that the GridPanel is still alive (Ext.getCmp('myGridPanelId') successfully returns a reference to the panel), but the inner html of the container div is now empty. What i'd like to do is to force a re rendering of the GridPanel into the div.

I've tried grid.render("divId"), and grid.getView().refresh() without luck.

Any possible ideas?

Note: i've successfully managed to solve this problem by destroying the grid and recreating it, but i'm looking for a more efficient solution than recreating the whole grid, that's why i'd ideally like to be able to re render it, or re attach it to the container div.