So we currently have a mobile web app built with jQm but it has so many bugs that we are looking to move to another framework. We have been researching sencha touch and it looks very reliable and like a good solution. However, I have noticed by many articles on the web and from my own experience that trying to get a response from anyone at sencha is quit impossible.

While playing around with the demo user interface in the forms, I noticed that I was able to disable the form fields yet I could still check and uncheck all the check boxes. I went to the contact us page to report this and never received a response. A potential customer of the premium support that does not get a response from the contact us form is not a very easy feeling. I don't feel like registering for a forum just to report a bug that should have already been noticed since it is part of their online demo.

By not receiving a response this makes me hesitant to recommend Sencha Touch as our platform and for the company to dish out $300 for support that we will probably never get a response from.

After reading this article I noticed that I am not the only one to not get responses back.

I think it is great you don't require a license for commercial products to use your platform however it makes us second guess on where this platform is headed and will it be supported in the future because we cannot even get a simple fix.

It also makes me question about this product because there is no customer bug tracking system. We have to use the forums to follow and report bugs. That is a hassle...

Anyways... Just thought I would rant about my frustrations for a first time potential sencha customer.