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Thread: New Editor Tree Grid Extension based on Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid

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    Hi Darkwolfe,

    Thank you very much for your help.

    You can disable the toggle by adding a beforedblclick event listener and returning false. Since the editing events are tied to the tree body and not the panel body, this will not affect editing or events associated with editing.
    Works, but I noticed another problem after that, when I edit a branch, after validating, it steps directly to the next branch (in edit mode) and not to the node (leaf in my case, see pictures below) just below.
    Can I fix that, or at least can I prevent the fact that it goes to the next branch in editing mode.
    In other words : I want only to edit the cell that I want and after editing I don't want that to step into another cells.

    The editor is positioned at the top left of the cell. When I created this i didn't take into account form elements like checkboxes so it handles all them the same in terms of editor position. I'll need to add some code to check for form element type before positioning the editor. I'll put this into the next update.
    Wait for your answer thank you very much.
    May be, meanwhile, could you tell me in which line of the code this is managed.

    I haven't noticed this. Can you provide a screenshot so i know what to look for?
    Sure, have a look to the two pictures joined.

    I don't know how a checkcolumn model could be added. Ext was a little misleading calling the TreeGrid a grid, when it is more like a TreeListView. The columns are borrowed from the ListView, which in turn is loosely borrowed from the Grid, however, with a ListView, and consequently with the TreeGrid, no column model is actually used, so i'm not sure how you could get that in there. I'll take a look at it when i can, i should be able to mimic that functionality.
    Thank you, it was just for information, don't bother.
    I think that the boolean column will satisfy me need.

    5) Another point that I forgot to mentionned, as you will see in the pictures, when I have a null value, this "null" value is displayed as "null", and before that I used a classic grid, and the "null" value was not displayed but it was empty.
    How can I manage to avoid the displaying of "null" ?
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