It's not quite ready for prime time, still have to place the buttons and add some events etc... but I would like to know if there any browser issues with my new UX. I wrote this because I saw a post today that says "write one if you can, so I took it to be a challenge, lol. Piece of cake control to write.

Live Demo:

Little preview, this is subject to change:
var Carousel = new Ext.ux.carousel(
	name:     "imageCarousel",
	settings: {height:"148px", width:"500px", top:"50px", left:"50px", imageHeight:"128px"},
	images:   ["gfx/1.jpg", "gfx/2.jpg", "gfx/3.jpg", "gfx/4.jpg", "gfx/5.jpg", "gfx/6.jpg", "gfx/7.jpg", "gfx/8.jpg", "gfx/9.jpg", "gfx/10.jpg"]
Thats all you need to place a carousel on your page, you can have as many on your page as you want and each one can have as many images as you want.

Try it out, let me know if you have any issues. (I tested FF2.0.0.7 and IE7 and they both work)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that if you have firebug installed it outputs to the console area if you are using IE or whatever it popsup the little debug dialog.