Hi guys,

I'd like to know how to format the result of a datepickerfield, to leave the text as mmm dd, yyyy (ie September 12, 2011).
I've tried different approaches found in the web, but without luck.
Here is my current code, and after a date is picked (also at start because I'm setting today as default), the date text field shows in mm/dd/yyyy format.

{                    id: 'id_dateField',
                    xtype: 'datepickerfield',
                    dateformat: 'F j, Y',
                    type: 'date',
                    value: {
                        day: Date.today().getDate(),
                        month: Date.today().getMonth() + 1,
                        year: Date.today().getFullYear()
                    picker: {
                        doneButton: 'Search',
                        slotOrder: ['month', 'day', 'year'],
                        useClearIcon: true,
                        hideOnMaskTap: true,
                    name : 'date',
                    label: 'Date',
                    inputCls: 'inputRightAligned'
Tks in advance!
Milton Rodriguez