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    Default Answered: Viewport not using full screen

    I'm learning from a book of Packt Publishing( and one of the first things it addresses is the creation of a viewport and the attachment of that viewport to the rootpanel.

    Viewport viewport = new Viewport();

    This is all code. To see the viewport the stylesheet is adapted and .x-viewport is given a color.

    All well until the application is launched: The viewport is there but according to the book(and to the screenshot in it) the viewport should take up the whole screen. In my application there is a border of about 10px on the top and left side of the page, as if there is a margin.

    Am I forgetting something? I tried to set body{ margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; } in the css but that did not have any result.
    I can continue the examples in the book but the border stays there ... staring at me ... annoying me ... waiting until I'm at my weakest ... and one day he will get the best of me .

    My specs:
    GWT 1.5.3
    GXT 2.2.4
    FireFox 3 and FireFox 4 (Safari 5.1 is not yet supported as the gwt plugin doesnt work there).

  2. There is another css loaded call clean.css which sets up the margin. Try to not inherit the clean gwt theme.

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