Sencha Touch folks!

We're happy to release to you the public beta of Sync. We're releasing it early to the forums to give you a preview of the broader beta we'll make available later this month.

In order to get going, download the Getting Started guide here:

You'll also need a special Sencha Touch, version "1.2.0", which is a special build of Touch 1.1 that includes the new "syncstorage" that's needed to connect up to Sync. It can be downloaded here:
(2011-09-20: see below for updated build)

We're making this build specially available for people participating in the SenchaCon 2011 app contest ( and folks who are interested in trying out Sync.

Please note that this is a beta, so please do not use it for production environments or mission critical applications. Since it's a beta, the APIs may change and your data may get lost. We don't expect it to, but since it's a beta, anything is possible.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Aditya Bansod
Sencha Product Management