Hi guys!
I have a problem with htmlDecode function.
When I load a form, i uses the htmlDecode function for convert the special chars but non work.
I've "updade" the ext's function too, putting the not present special char, for example:
'à': '',
'è': '',

When I load my form, i uses this data model:
Ext.define('example.news', {
    extend: 'Ext.data.Model',
    fields: [
        {name:'title',type:'string', convert: function(v){return Ext.htmlDecode(v);}},
        {name:'description',type:'string', convert: function(v){return Ext.htmlDecode(v);}}
The form is loaded correctly but the special chars are not convert.

Also if I uses the opposite function htlmEncode for example I get this result:
à => &agrave

With htmlDecode:
à => à

With extjs 3 this system, works correctly.

The page encoding is utf-8