For last few months I am playing with another forum software named XenForo for our discussion board. prior to that we were also using vBulletin. But, XenForo is so engaging with modern user interaction tricks (e.g. facebook like alerts etc.) and social aspects that our community loves the migration. Being a member of ExtJS community for several years, I thought, why not to discuss it here as well. After all one thing is common in XenForo and ExtJS that both have excellent developers and produce supper quality product to the community. As a side note, founders of XenForo are ex-vBulletin lead developers.

I am planning to develop an admin interface for XenForo using ExtJS as soon as they release their upcoming version within couple of weeks.

PS: I am in no way having any financial benefit for this publicity. And no one has asked me to do it. I just wanted to share my thoughts here the same way I do for ExtJS in other places.