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Thread: Column-spanning row in GridPanel?

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    Default Column-spanning row in GridPanel?

    I have a GridPanel that lists a number of "model runs". Each row shows the run name, run location and run date.

    Now, each run also has a "description" which can be a longer textual description of what the run is actually about. So, for each row entry, I would like to have a second row spanning the columns, leaving more room for the textual description to show.

    Here's a mockup example of what it should look like:


    I could use custom cell rendering using HTML, but that would not allow me to sort on location or run date...
    I've been googling around, but for now, I haven't found anything satisfying. Can anyone get me started on how to produce something like this? Or show an example that realizes this?

    Thanks a bunch,
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