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Thread: 2.0 Licensing Question

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    Default 2.0 Licensing Question

    I got a developer license in early April. Today I got an email telling me about new licensing options for 2.0, I can get a reduced rate b/c I'm a 1.x license holder, etc. If I pay now for the new license, would the additional time of the second license be appended to my current time that I have left on my first license? More succinctly, License 1 runs from apr 07 - apr 08, would license 2, if I bought it now, run from oct 07 - oct 08 OR apr 08 - apr 09?


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    Licenses are perpetual for the version they are for and don't expire. For example, a 1.x license allows you to use 1.x funder those terms forever. It's the same with a 2.x license.

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