Hi !
I'm working with Sencha for more than a year but right now i'm kinda stuck, first time. I know Sencha Touch extremely well (i'm writing a french book about it!) but ...

So my pb is that i want a chart (column one) in a MVC app in a view inside a TabPanel.
I did a lot of test, i got nothing but :
TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'candidate.getItemId()')
Here is my code in my view (yes its not MVC complient but i'm trying to get it working so..)
initComponent:function() {
        var chartPanel = new Ext.chart.Panel({
          title: 'Bar Chart',
         items: {
            store: store,
            legend: {
              position: {
                portrait: 'right',
                landscape: 'top'
              labelFont: '17px Arial'
            },            //define the x and y-axis configuration.
            axes: [{
              type: 'Numeric',
              position: 'bottom',
              fields: ['2008', '2009', '2010'],
              label: {
                renderer: function(v) {
                  return v.toFixed(0);
              title: 'Number of Hits',
              minimum: 0
            }, {
              type: 'Category',
              position: 'left',
              fields: ['name'],
              title: 'Month of the Year'
            //define the actual bar series.
            series: [{
              type: 'bar',
              xField: 'name',
              yField: ['2008', '2009', '2010'],
              axis: 'bottom',
              highlight: true,
              showInLegend: true
In every demo i saw, there's always 'fullscreen:true' and a single panel, so how can i make this work in a 'real' app?