I recently updated Adobe Air to v3.0 and my application got a issue with that release. Date filed is not working properly as in v2.x.

look at this image :


when I click to select the date it will open a white panel like the image above.

this is the code for the date filed :

,ReleaseDate: function(uid, pgClass){
        return {
             xtype: "datefield"
            ,fieldLabel: "Release Date"
            ,tooltip: '<h3>Release date</h3>'
            ,format: 'Y-m-d'
            // DONE : accept common formats
            ,altFormats: 'M D j Y|F j, Y|l, F d, Y|F d|F, Y|m/d/Y|n/j/Y|n/j/y|m/j/y|n/d/y|m/j/Y|n/d/Y|m-d-y|m-d-Y|m/d|m-d|md|mdy|mdY|d|Y-m-d'
            ,id: "field-rel-date-" + uid
            //to prevent air security issues
            ,validationEvent: false
            //,validateOnBlur: false
            ,anchor: "100%"