As usual, I have the first extension built and released

Ext.ux.TouchGridPanel was a huge success, thank you for everyone's input as it matured (still has room). Sencha Touch 2 should not be without a grid component either and as of the first developer preview there is no native grid component.

Ext.ux.touch.grid is the namespace and like the new namespacing Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4 started, I followed with this.

The main class is Ext.ux.touch.grid.View which is just a customized DataView. It supports having a header and of course all the rows. You can have cell renderers (uses XTemplate's renderers instead of any processData method).

Ext.ux.touch.grid.View is pretty stripped down. In fact it doesn't even support sorting. I haven't left you out in the cold, I just wanted to have a lightweight grid component.

Like Ext JS 4's grid architecture, Ext.ux.touch.grid has the concept of features. Features are basically plugins. Unlike Ext JS 4, I allow you to specify what stage in the grid you want to instantiate a feature. There are two stages, in the constructor and in the initialize methods. Add features to constructorFn array and it will create the feature right before the callParent call. Save for initializeFn array.

Like I said, this is a start. Many things will change to further this grid and also keep inline with the latest Sencha Touch 2 version.


Just an update, got horizontal scrolling to work!