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Thread: Ext 4 Treepanel context menu not showing at target

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    Question Answered: Ext 4 Treepanel context menu not showing at target

    Ext 4 treepanel context menu not showing at the target node.. My code is as below.. Please anybody help me to resolve it.

    var onContextMenu = function (view, record, item, index, e) {
    var selNode = record;
    if (Ext4.getCmp("mainContext") != null) {
    var menu = createContextMenu(selNode);

    var tree = Ext4.create('Ext4.tree.Panel', {
    animate: true,
    enableDD: true,
    id: "filterTree",
    border: false,
    renderTo: self.containerId,
    store: treeStore,
    rootVisible: false,
    layout: {
    type: 'fit',
    padding: '5',
    align: 'left'
    listeners: {
    afterrender: function () {
    this.getEl().setStyle('height', 'auto');
    this.body.setStyle('height', 'auto');
    this.getView().getEl().setStyle('height', 'auto');
    tree.on('itemcontextmenu', onContextMenu);

    Whats wrong with this code??

  2. Please use CODE tags when posting code (# button on the editor toolbar).

    I believe the problem is with your showAt(). See the example here:!...-method-showAt

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