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Thread: Migrating ExtJS app to Sencha touch 2.0

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    Question Migrating ExtJS app to Sencha touch 2.0

    I have an application developed in Ext Js 4 Framework. Now planning to create the same for iPad .

    Could anyone tell me how much it would be comfortable to use Sencha Touch 2.

    Right now I can load my URL in iPad but there are lots of issues we are facing. Main issues are:

    Draging of windows, Selecting rows in GridPanel,

    But I could not find all the controls in sencha touch that Ext Js has. Please do post your suggestions...

    Thanks in Advance,

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    The different widgets (or views) are the main difference between ST and Ext JS. Those will have to be recoded. ST doesn't have all the different widgets Ext JS has like Windows (could use floating Panels) or native grid component (I have been working on one and have it on GitHub but it's not as advanced as Ext JS').
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    The media is different so the application should be rewrited for the constraints and features of mobile device.

    A couple of years ago I looked at some cool videos in Apple's developer site that teach you how you should procede to port your desktop application (ExtJS in this case) to mobile devices (Sencha Touch). Is not matter of just take your application and make it fit in smaller screen, you must rethink how user will interact with your application.

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