At time of writing unfortunately the HTC Desire is one of my target devices...
research has brought me to the point that with v1 the 'htc sense' OS is problematic and i'm unlikely to be able to release the app unless the functionality is hugely scaled down.

i'm migrating my app / hacking in parts of it to v2 and finding the htc to be a lot smoother scroll and responsiveness wise (great work sencha)
replace the colored div's with images...
But i'm still finding when i'm scrolling a lot of images (from above eg 10 rows of 10 image - like an image gallery) that the Desire is 'freezing'.

In v1 this happens a lot and the app often only comes back after hitting the menu button (which seems to jump the browser back to live) and the app is completely unusable.

v2 is a lot better and when it does freeze it does recover but still leaves the device unresponsive for several seconds.

we're in a situation that we need to know if we can pursue the current technology knowing that once a stable release is out we can roll out to this device. Granted this is a reasonably old device but it's still pretty popular and will continue to be so for the coming months.

Hopefully by next year this will be less of an issue but guess you all know the importance of the now.

Wondered if anyone had any experiences of their own of performance on (or indeed cares about?) the desire...??