Been playing with Sencha Touch for the last few weeks. I have implemented a carousel with fixed background and a header and a footer. Works great! Now I am trying to add the Google Mobile Bookmark Bubble and it is glitchy. You can check it out on your smartphone or iPad here:

ometimes the pop-up renders fine, sometimes it appears to be behind the Sencha layout (appears first and is "painted" over). Couple times it seemed to just lock up.

My best guess is that a race condition is occurring and ideally the Mobile Bookmark Bubble should be rendering last. I have a couple thoughts on how to address this:

(1) Figure out how to connect the launching of the Mobile Bookmark Bubble with the OnLoad function. Do you think the OnLoad would hold off until Sencha finished rendering?

(2) Is there a flag I can check to see that Sencha has completed its load/render? If so, couldn't I create a conditional loop that holds off on the Mobile Bookmark Bubble until the flag tells me everything else is done?

I am new to Sencha Touch development, so forgive me if there is some obvious solution to this dilemma that should have stumbled across by now.

Thank you for whatever assistance/advice you can provide.