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Thread: [PR 1] Toolbar with title + items

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    Default [PR 1] Toolbar with title + items

    hi team,

    in ST 1, if a toolbar had items + title, the title was always centered in the middle of the tb. in ST 2 the title seems to get put at the end of the tb.

    in case you need to put the title on the centered position, you get a problem in ST 2, since:

                xtype  : 'toolbar',
                docked : 'top',
                ui     : 'light',
                items : [{
                    xtype  : 'button',
                    action : 'showSignUpView',
                    text   : 'Sign up',
                    ui     : 'back'
                }, {
                    xtype : 'spacer'
                }, {
                    xtype : 'title',
                    title : 'Login'
                }, {
                    xtype : 'spacer'
                }, {
                    xtype  : 'button',
                    action : 'showForgotPasswordView',
                    text   : 'Forgot PW',
                    ui     : 'forward'
    will align the title centered between the buttons.

    when using different panels with toolbars having different text inside the buttons, the title position varies.
    Best regards
    Tobias Uhlig

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    We do have a new NavigationBar class which does this much better than the old Toolbar class. We are still testing it's viability to merge the capabilities into a single class.

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