I thought of an idea that could help me understand (and debug) Sencha Touch but I'm having some difficulty with it. I have already watched Tommy Maintz's excellent video on debugging, etc...

The idea: Since I have a debug version of ST (sencha-touch-all-debug.js), I could add some debug logging to various functions/methods to follow the flow of my MVC application. This would be tremendously useful as I am using XCode/PhoneGap/SenchaTouch. The problem is that the logs are not showing up in the XCode console. The only thing that reliably works is alert(). I tried console.log(), debug.log(), Ext.log, Ext.Logger.warn(), and throw. How can I get this to work?


   onBeforeLaunch: function() {    
        if (this.autoCreateViewport) {

        var controllers = this.controllers,
            ln = controllers.length,
            i, controller;