Hey guys,

i just cannot find this... update, delete and read-actions work out fine, but create seems to be different. i first worked with directFn, which didnt work for create and then switched to the "api" config-option giving the create method a different count of parameters 0,1,2, but that does not work. i know that create doesnt work, because i log the call of the php-function to the db. i use the add-function of the store and i have autosync on true. when calling "add" the new entry is visible in the grid, but server side method is not called.

autoLoad:true,        autoSync:true,
         proxy: {
                api: {
                    create  : TestAction.getAlerts0,
                    read    : TestAction.getAlerts,
                    update  : TestAction.getAlerts,
                    destroy : TestAction.getAlerts
                type: 'direct',
              // directFn: TestAction.getAlerts,
//does not call server side method
rec=storeAlerts.getAt(1);rec.set("name","new name");
//does call server side method

I also tried calling the sync-function by myself, in case this was the error-cause, but nothing changed. I work with Ext JS 4.0.2a..

Whats the correct parameter count? And if its 1... would else could be the cause of this not calling...?