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Thread: list of available listeners?

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    Default Answered: list of available listeners?

    Previously I made use of the afterRender and afterLayout to trigger custom scaling functions (amongst others).

    I saw a dev suggest to use the "painted" listener to replace the afterRender... and what about the afterLayout?

    Would it be possible for someone to list other/all available listeners?

    I appreciate it

  2. We are continuing to work on the documentation to make sure all events are properly documented.

    As the layout system is dramatically different (it is now fully CSS based), there is no longer an 'afterLayout' type of event. For those rare times when you need to know when the size of a component changes, there is a utility class (Ext.util.SizeMonitor) can do that for you. Unfortunately, this class is relatively new and we are in the process of writing the guide for it's use. But in general you add it as follows:

    var mySizeMonitor = new Ext.util.SizeMonitor({
    element: this.elementYouWishToMonitor,
    callback: this.methodYouWishToCallWhenTheSizeChanges,
    scope: this

    You also want to have your destroy method clean that up with a mySizeMonitor.destroy().

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