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    Default Answered: Performance guide

    Hi all,

    I am new to ExtJs and I am wondering if there are any performance guides
    Or best practices guides that anyone can point me to?

    I am looking for examples of the proposed architecture for an
    ExtJs app.

    At the moment I am building an app where I have number of
    tabs, each tab contains a grid panel. At the moment I have a js file
    for each grid, for example i have a users.js file that defines
    the grid for the "users" tab, and so on. I am wondering if it
    would be best to make my own type of grid and just change columns
    And store for each grid on the fly?

    If anyone has any pointers on the above or links to any docs
    I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks.

  2. Architecture:!...n_architecture!/guide/mvc_pt1

    Though I didn't entirely follow your example, if you have multiple grids with similar configurations then it would make sense to extract a subclass of grid that you can use in those cases. Whether this is appropriate in your circumstances is a judgement call you'll have to make. You should consider whether the similarities at this stage are likely to continue as development of your app progresses.

    As for performance, here are a few common ones:

    • Don't over nest. Most newbies nest panels several layers deep when a single panel will suffice.
    • Don't use a panel when a container will do. Likewise for other classes.
    • Don't gratuitously use a panel when some simple HTML or an Ext.Template will suffice.
    • Production builds should use concatenated, minified versions of all the source to improve load time.
    • Production builds should generally use a custom ExtJS build to reduce the file size.
    • Be wary of components or stores that don't get destroyed when they are discarded, memory can quickly leak.

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